Trial instructions:  

Dose: 40 minutes or until symptoms ease

Frequency: As needed

Please note your response to question one before taking the digital dose and completing the remainder of the clinical form.  Ensure your headset is adjusted to a comfortable volume, relax and breath deeply during the course of the session.

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Fibromyalgia Digital Therapy:

Scientific Rationale:

It is well understood that chronic pain is a long-term, life altering condition1. Research indicates that an estimated 25% of people with chronic pain will develop a condition referred to as chronic pain syndrome (CPS)2, resulting in additional debilitating effects such as depression and anxiety3.

Whilst conventional medicines have demonstrated varying levels of effectiveness, a new theory has emerged that an external, audio, neural stimulus of theta binaural beats (TBB) can reprogram the brain neurosignature for chronic pain to homeostasis4.

A small number of clinical studies have shown that when compared to placebo, TBB can result in a reduction of perceived pain severity by 77%5

It was also found that out of 17 studies for binaural beats’ effects on pain, PMS, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, migraines, ADD, memory and cognition, binaural beats were 60-90% effective in treating and even eliminating some of these symptoms with daily regulated listening for 5-60 minutes each day6.

We aim to explore this theory in more detail.

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