To treat disease, modern medicine harnesses the power of chemical and biological agents that can act on receptors in the body to cause physiological change. Research into the use of novel, non-pharmaceutical methods to evoke the same responses remains in its infancy. In particular, an exciting but largely unexplored field is whether digitally-derived media such as sound can provide an alternative means to modify human physiology. For the listener, sound is capable not only of triggering powerful emotional responses, but also may result in the release of adrenaline and initiation of involuntary movements. The use of sound to exert physiological change may have therapeutic utility in diseases where conventional medicine is ineffective, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. To understand the medicinal benefits of sound treatment, Cyn-apps will undertake the collection and analysis of user data. Thus enabling further exploration into an effective adjunctive treatment for these conditions.

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